Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Fall Update preview rolls out: Here are the top new features

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Fall Update preview rolls out: Here are the top new features


Microsoft will roll out the Windows 10 Creators Fall Update in September.

Microsoft has confirmed it will be releasing two major updates every year. The company has already rolled out the Windows 10 Creators Update in April this year. The second update, dubbed as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, will be rolled out later this year. Prior to the official rollout, Microsoft has released a new test version called Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16215 and Build 15222 for mobile as well. Users who are a Windows Insider in the Fast Ring will have access to download this update. The new Build 16215 for Windows 10 comes with a host of changes which have been briefed below.

To start with, the Action Center on Windows 10 will go through a redesign which has been decided upon after major feedback from users. There is a separate tab for apps which can be seen in the screenshot below. The apps shown in the screenshot are Skype, Twitter and your synced mobile with chats and important updates displayed.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Fall Update preview

Microsoft has revived an old feature of pinning websites to your taskbar. This feature is enabled on Microsoft Edge browser and one can now pin a website to the taskbar. On opening a website, click on Settings and select ‘Pin this page to the taskbar’. The pinned websites will be visible on the taskbar with their icons on display. Microsoft Edge gets more features like full screen mode, adding notes in text, and annotating books with color highlights, underlines and comments.

Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update preview

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana will now prompt a user for reminders by scanning images for events. With the user’s permission, if a photo is taken of a poster, Cortana will create a reminder accordingly. Stylus users can also circle content allowing Cortana to create reminders for events, movies and more. The Windows 10 stylus support will see more changes with the handwriting panel updated with more gestures, better editing, emoji, and automatic handwriting detection.

More features include selecting text to edit, make corrections to converted text using ink gestures, strikethrough, scratch, join or split with gestures. The handwriting panel will also have a quick access to emoji and symbols. The stylus can be used now to scroll in apps and websites. Microsoft has also added a ‘find my pen’ option that will show the last place where the pen was used. ALSO READ: Microsoft Skype’s new major redesign takes inspiration from Facebook Messenger, Snapchat

The new Build 16215 for Windows 10 will bring some improvements to the keyboard like the inclusion of dictation. A new keyboard shortcut will be available to make inserting emoji into emails and social media easier. Windows 10 users on desktop and tablet will get a new touch keyboard filled with prediction, emoji suggestions, one-handed input and shape writing with fingers or a stylus. The touch keyboard also gets dictation which can be used by tapping on the microphone icon and one can voice English or Chinese text on desktop. ALSO READ: Microsoft Planner task management app rolled out for iOS, Android; takes on Trello

Amongst the host of new upgrades and improvements, there are some minor changes as well. These include a new copy link feature for sharing links easily on a new share page, improved support for HDR monitors, and faster switching between public and private networks. Windows 10 users will be able to experience the numerous updates when the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update officially rolls out in September. ALSO READ: Microsoft Build 2017 Day 2 Live: ‘Timeline’ on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update lets you switch back in time

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